Key achievements


  • Wrote the Strategic Manifesto for Distribution Systems
  • Lead the Digital Transformation roadmap during 10 years
  • Defined the « make or buy » strategy
  • Defined the sourcing strategy
  • Wrote the Strategic Manifesto for Global Business Core Systems
  • Lead the RFI workgroup to select the tech partner to build and implement the future Business ecosystem


  • Merged IT and Distribution departments into « Digital Services », a tech organization designed to provide services to hotels and owners
  • Merged product definition, R&D, rollout, support and data administration into « Business Solutions », the single entry point for all existing and future business applications
  • Outsourced services with limited added-value (data administration, support, rollout, maintenance, developments) while keeping in-house expertise, R&D and strategic components
  • Managed social impacts
  • Integrated and reorganized the IT departments of acquired chains (mostly international)

Budget & Contracts

  • Managed budget of several business and IT departments, from 50 to 500 people
  • Defined business model of new subsidiaries
  • Defined business cases of major projects and new solutions to provide to hotels and owners (on-line payment, PMS connectivity…)
  • Executed and managed contract administration with top-10 technology and service providers
  • Lead major RFIs and RFPs (IVR, on-line payment, connectivity, translation, outsourcing…)


  • Product Definition
  • R&D
  • Support
  • Rollout
  • Administration
  • Integration (following M&A)
  • Strategy
  • Deputy CIO

Hospitality IT

  • Creation of TARS, the Accor Reservation System, distributing 5100+ hotels on 110+ channels made of commercial partners (on-line travel agencies, traditional travel agencies, tour operators, meta-search) and internal web sites, mobile app, call centers and hotels. 
  • Creation of FASTCOM, the commission settlement platform for remunerating intermediaries in their own currency in all geographies
  • Creation of the On-Line Payment Platform, allowing the customer to prepay on direct web sites, mobile app, call centers and hotels
  • Enhancements of the Global Sales platform (Salesforce), interacting in real-time with the Distribution Ecosystem
  • Enhancements of the CRM and Loyalty platform
  • Connectivity with GDS (Global Distribution Systems), OTA (On-line Travel Agencies), Meta-search engines, PMS (Property Management Systems), RMS (Revenue Management Systems) and the internal Business Intelligence platform